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Bharat Ek Parichay (Know India) –

Sharing knowledge with the World’ India Corner


The Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy, under the outreach initiative of ‘Bharat Ek Parichay (Know India) – Sharing knowledge with the World’ India Corner, to promote culture and literature of India, has established 15 (fifteen) India corners at the following University(ies)/Institution(s)/College(s)/School(s) in Sri Lanka viz., (i) UVA Wellassa University, Badulla, (ii) University of Sabaragamuwa, Bellihiloya, (iii) University of Peradeniya, (iv) India Corner at D.S. Senanayake Memorial Public Library, Kandy, (v) National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, (vi) Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA), Kundasale, (vii) College of Technology, under the Department of Technical Education & Training, Government of Sri Lanka, (viii) Mahatma Gandhi Sabah, Matale, (ix) International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy, (x) Greenhill International School, Kandy, (xi) Girls’ High School, Kandy, (xii) Matale Hindu College (National School), (xiii) CP/Saraswathy Central College, Pusselawa, (xiv) Highlands College, Hatton, (xv) Badi-Ud-Din-Mahmud Girls’ College, Kandy.

The main objective of India Corner is to reach out to the student community and to acquaint them with India by providing quality resource material and to make information readily available to those willing to know more about it. The Quality Resource Material presented include (i) General Classics Books on Indian history including Indian classics, Indian geography, Indian polity, economy, culture, architecture and an introduction to Indian Foreign policy etc. by famous personalities and renowned authors of India, (ii) Indian Language Books in native languages and (iii) books on Indian culture by Sri Lankan authors.

The outreach initiative of the Government of India has been welcomed as generous donation of quality resource material and a big contribution to enrich the academic and cultural understanding about the people and the land, especially among students, and to build strong connection and bridges between India and Sri Lanka.


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