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Invitation of International Competitive Bidding (ICB)  

Tender No. UG/L & E (Phase-II) of Kolkata Metro East West Line Project 

Tendering for UG/L & E (Phase-II) Kolkata Metro East West Line Project is being initiated by calling an International Competitive Bid for "Detailed Design, Detailed Engineering, Prototype, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery & Storage at site, Installation, Testing & Commissioning (Including Integrated Testing & Commissioning), Training of Personnel, Demonstration of Performance of System/Equipment, Annual Maintenance Contract of Lift & Escalator System (L & E) of Four Underground Stations for the Kolkata Metro East-West Line Project (Phase-II): UG/L & E-II.

The tender notice has been published on 29th May, 2019.

The tender documents & notice shall be available on KMRC's website www.kmrc.in and https://kmrcl.euniwizarde.com from the same date.

The last date of submission of bid is 19.07.2019 at 15.00 hrs.

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