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Assistant High Commission of India



Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy in association with Central Province Hindu Association Kandy Trust and Sri Lanka - India Cultural Association, Kandy invites all to an ICCR sponsored Lavani Dance Program by Mr. Pradeep Wamanrao Kadam & Ensemble on Wednesday, the 18th March, 2020 at Hindu Cultural Centre, Kandy at 05:00pm.

Mr. Pradeep Wamanrao Kadam is a renowned Indian Exponent, of Lavani Dance from Pune, India. With the main objective to share rich culture of Maharashtrian Cultural Heritage, the troupe has performed in various cities and villages of India and Isreal.

Lavani is a combination of traditional songs and dances, which is performed to the beats of Dholki, a percussion instrument. Originating from the state of Maharashtra (India), the word Lavani means Beauty, which tries to put various social aspects in an entertaining manner. Lavani is noted for its powerful rhythm. Mr. Pradeep Wamanrao Kadam and ensemble would be with us in Kandy, on 18th March 2020, to showcase their magical and mesmerizing dance performances.

Please note: Admission to the event is free and seats will be available on first-cum first-served basis. Entry into the Hall will open at 04:00pm. Please be seated by 04:30pm. For further details, please contact Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy at 0091 81 2222652, 2223786 or write to us at ice.kandy@mea.gov.in.


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